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Posture Certification

The Certified Posture Expert program is the most intensive, all inclusive posture certifications in the world. It has been recommend as a “Must Do” for all posture professionals, by the International Posture Association.

Advanced Courses

API offers specific in depth posture focused courses for posture professionals to become the posture expert in various specialties such as neurology, structural rehabilitation, optimal performance, pediatrics, and more.

Expert Toolkit

The fundamentals every Posture Expert needs to perform the best postural analysis, and correction possible. With these posture tools you will be able to serve your patients like an expert.

Posture Resources

API has created practice enhancing posture resource guides, checklists, charts, and Ebooks to give you the edge as the Posture Expert. Use these resources to take your Posture Practice to the next level.

Certified Posture Expert.

The most intensive, all inclusive posture certification in the world.

A message from the Experts

Dr. Krista Burns D.C. DrHA, CPEP, CPE

We created Posture Nation Elite to give other health care professionals like us a place to go for the best information and resources on posture. We decided to created the Certified Posture Expert program after searching for a resource like this that would give us everything we needed about posture to be successful. This Certification is the most intensive, all inclusive postural certification in the WORLD. When you finish this certification you are among the top Posture Experts in your profession. The Top 1% of the best of the best. There is nothing that is left uncovered, in this certification. We didn’t stop there we created Posture Nation Elite, which is a community for like minded Posture Experts who want a place to find other experts, continue their learning, advancing their skills, as well as access to some of the greatest postural resources and products available. We have spent over half a decade putting this program together to give you the tools to be successful. Enjoy, and good luck.

Dr. Mark Wade D.C., DrPH, CPEP, CPE

After years of struggling in practice we learned that it doesn’t need to be difficult. When we discovered that Posture is a blue ocean market it changed everything for us. People understand posture, they believe in posture. Every Health Profession in the World agrees that Posture is a fundamental aspect of health. We have taken over 10 years of research, correction systems, and techniques that have made us the World’s leading professional resource for posture related information, products, and correction systems, and packaged that in a way that you can take our knowledge and boost yourself instantly to success. Become the best of the best in Posture Correction. Learn how to get better results faster with your patients. Get more patients from “safe referrals”. Get into businesses, schools, and sports teams all because you are the Posture Expert. You don’t need to struggle like we did. Take our knowledge and our lessons, and gain success instantly. That is if you have what it takes to become a “Certified Posture Expert”.

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