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Head Posture Restoration for Relief of Orofacial Pain

35 million Americans are just like Rosa. They present with painful temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and regular headaches that are affecting their home and professional life. What most patients don’t realize is that orofacial pain and headaches are directly associated with their postural presentation. For correction of TMJ dysfunction, structural head posture restoration is indicated.

Patients […]

Proper Head Posture, Satisfied Patient Smiles

Did you know that one of the main causes of orofacial pain is poor postural design of the head and neck in relation to the shoulders? The underlying cause of jaw clenching headaches and excruciating temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction is directly correlated to postural distortion patterns of the first posture quadrant.

According to the TMJ Association, […]

Jaw Clenching Headaches Disappear

“During tax season I wake up every morning with a headache from clenching my teeth and jaw all night,” she sighs, “I know I clench at night, but I just can’t stop! I’ve tried everything!”

Rosa is an accountant of 10 years who has been dealing with dental issues and headaches forever. With the heightened stress […]

Cervical and Head Posture Structural Restoration

“Practice makes perfect,” a phrase Marcus’s coaches had told him over and over throughout his football career. After suffering an injury to his cervical spine, what Marcus realized was that “Practice with proper posture makes perfect.”

Since flag football at 7 years old, it was always the “no pain, no gain mentality.” If you were hurt, […]

Football and Traumatic Cervical Spine Injuries

Marcus, the 17-year old senior MVP of his high school football team swears by the FITPosture athletic postural correction program Friday Night Lights, Football Madness, and FITPosture. Marcus had suffered a serious injury the year before causing him to miss the championship game at the state tournament of his junior year. Marcus was devastated; he […]

Friday Night Lights, Football Madness, and FITPosture

Marcus, age 17 lead the football team in rushing yards and amount of touchdowns scored. A star athlete since flag football, Marcus really shined throughout football training as a high school athlete. He lead his team physically and mentally. He is not only a great athlete, but a great leader on and off the field […]

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3 Must Do Strategies To Correct Text Neck

“Text neck? Not anymore! Not for my daughter!” claimed Mary Teresa as she celebrated the postural correction improvements of her daughter Alexandra’s second posture image. Mary Teresa was brought to tears twice in our office; tears of despair on her daughter’s first visit, and tears of joy on her report of findings.

You met Alexandra in […]

Text Neck: the Health Epidemic of the Tech Era

Did you know that looking down at your phone while texting can cause dramatic health effects to your body?

“Text Neck” is the condition of looking down at your phone for prolonged periods of time completely mindless of your postural presentation. We have all seen it… and we are all likely guilty of it. However, many […]

High School (Health) Drama: the debilitating effects of Text Neck

“This is incredible, I am so proud of you!” claimed Mary Teresa as she hugged her daughter Alexandra. “Thank you for taking this program seriously,” she said to Alexandra, “I knew it would pay off.”


Mary Teresa was overwhelmed to the point of tears when she saw her daughter’s report of findings just 12 weeks prior. […]

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Complete Postural Correction of Forward Head Posture

Complete Postural Correction of Forward Head Posture
In “12 Weeks to Better Posture ™ is the best posture program, if everyone did it I would be out of a job”  states Giovanni, a medical doctor who sought postural correction treatment for neck pain, tension headaches and cervical radiculopathy. At just 36 years old Giovanni was worried […]