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FITPosture: Fundamental Posture Training for Athletes

FITPosture: Fundamental posture training for Athletes
FITPosture is an advanced functional posture program designed to increase athletic performance and prevent sports related injuries. FITPosture is the only postural program of its kind, integrating a complex postural analysis of static and dynamic posture to determine postural distortions of the static athlete and postural compensation patterns of the […]

3 Things You Should Be Doing With Athletes

3 Things You Should Be Doing With Athletes

 70% of athletes are training and competing with decreased functional capacity of their body, and with improper form, making them more susceptible to preventable injuries.  11.6% of athletes will have a sports injury.  Female college athletes suffer from up to 5 times as many ACL – anterior cruciate […]

Athletes and Postural Correction: The Winning Combination

“You saved me doc, I don’t know what I would do with you!” says the receiver of the 4 time national champion football team to Dr. Wade. He understands the importance of postural correction to optimize his peak athletic performance. Proper postural design for athletes is no game; it is the winning edge.

The athletes who […]

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Better Posture, Better Performance in the Classroom

“Better Posture for Brighter Futures™ is better than recess for school aged children!” stated Dr. Pavano, Director of the School Board in Emilia Romagna, Italy. Dr. Pavano was instrumental in implementing the American Posture Institute’s postural hygiene program Better Posture for Brighter Futures™ into schools throughout Italy. He saw tremendous benefit in implementing this revolutionary […]

Better Posture For Brighter Futures Is Better Than Recess

“I knew I was taking a chance by implementing the postural hygiene program Better Posture for Brighter Futures ™. Honestly, I’ve implemented other health promotion programs previously that seemed to have little to no impact on the long-term health of the children,” stated Dr. Pavamo, Director of the School Board in Emilia Romagna, Italy. “I […]

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Clinical Correction of Urinary Incontinence

In the blog From Urinary Incontinence to Posture Competence, you met Andreana, a 29-year old woman who had been suffering from urinary incontinence for the majority of her life. After completing a treatment plan of postural correction at the American Posture Institute, her urinary incontinence went away completely, dramatically improving the quality of her life.

In […]

Understanding the Miracle

In the last blog From Urinary Incompetence to Postural Competence you met Andreana, the bright 29-year old woman who sought postural correction treatment for persistent neck pain. The relief of neck pain was not the miracle; the correction of her chronic urinary incontinence was. Andreana had suffered for as long as she could remember from […]

From Urinary Incontinence to Posture Competence

“There is something I never told you,” states Andreana, a bright 29-year old patient who sought postural correction treatment for neck pain. “My entire life I suffered from urinary incontinence, and was constantly embarrassed to be in public” she continues with an ashamed look on her face. “I used to avoid all physical activities, and […]