Build Your Social Media Empire

This is the first course in a 3 course series. This course will dive deep in the ins and outs of social media platforms. Learn how each platform works, what type of content should be used here, what accounts you need, what type of target niches are on each platform, how to craft your content specific to each platform and what specific dimensions are used in each social media platform. In this course you will also learn what type of content is effective for building a social media empire, and how to be on all platforms just by creating one piece of content. This course is fundamental for expanding your understanding of social media platforms, so that you can successfully use them to expand your credibility as the go to expert. This course is required to be completed before taking the course ‘Mastering Social Media & Creating a Loyal Following’ and the course ‘Become The Go-To Expert’.

Understand the overview of social media, how to use social media to be successful, and the over arching themes, and strategies to give you the building blocks to create your social media empire

These are the goliaths of social media platforms.  Learn what each platform is created specifically for, and how to create your content to be successful in building your empire on social media.

These smaller platforms may not get the attention of the Titans, but they are equally as powerful and effective in creating a social media empire.  Learn how to use these platforms properly, and how to create content that you can use to build your empire.

Understand what content is quality and what is not.   Learn how to prepare your content in a way that gives you status as an expert, and gain credibility and authority in the process.  Discover the basics of branding yourself, what the difference between quality and quantity in content creation.  Then learn how to take one piece of content and make it work across all your social media platforms.

Build Your Social Media Empire Course

The First Step On Your Journey To Becoming The 'Go-To' Expert

This course is open to all health professionals containing a Doctorate level degree, or a Masters level degree-certification in a specific health specialty.  This course can be taken independent of the Certified Posture Expert program, although with all courses it is highly recommended the Certified Posture Expert program be completed.