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Cervical and Head Posture Structural Restoration

“Practice makes perfect,” a phrase Marcus’s coaches had told him over and over throughout his football career. After suffering an injury to his cervical spine, what Marcus realized was that “Practice with proper posture makes perfect.”

Since flag football at 7 years old, it was always the “no pain, no gain mentality.” If you were hurt, […]

Football and Traumatic Cervical Spine Injuries

Marcus, the 17-year old senior MVP of his high school football team swears by the FITPosture athletic postural correction program Friday Night Lights, Football Madness, and FITPosture. Marcus had suffered a serious injury the year before causing him to miss the championship game at the state tournament of his junior year. Marcus was devastated; he […]

Friday Night Lights, Football Madness, and FITPosture

Marcus, age 17 lead the football team in rushing yards and amount of touchdowns scored. A star athlete since flag football, Marcus really shined throughout football training as a high school athlete. He lead his team physically and mentally. He is not only a great athlete, but a great leader on and off the field […]

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The Race To Health: How Proper Posture Boosts Energy

The Race to Health
How Proper Posture Boosts Energy
“Tell him!” Rosa says quite unsubtly as she elbows her husband Davide. “Well if you won’t tell them, the I will!” she claims. “Davide ran his first 10k race last weekend, and finished the whole thing!”

“Rosa, this is embarrassing, it’s not like it was marathon or anything,” […]

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Why I Work With Sports Teams
As I stood there the lights shining down on my face, and the crowd cheering from the stands behind, reality set in. We Won. We just won the national championship. We are national champions.

This was my first national championship with the Parma Panthers. Since then we have been to the […]

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Preseason Postural Training

There is a significant difference between preseason postural training and postural correction the day of the big game. The objective of preseason care is to identify the postural distortion patterns causing postural collapse, and to create an individualized treatment plan for full postural correction before the whistle blows to start the first game of the […]

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FITPosture: Fundamental Posture Training for Athletes

FITPosture: Fundamental posture training for Athletes
FITPosture is an advanced functional posture program designed to increase athletic performance and prevent sports related injuries. FITPosture is the only postural program of its kind, integrating a complex postural analysis of static and dynamic posture to determine postural distortions of the static athlete and postural compensation patterns of the […]

3 Things You Should Be Doing With Athletes

3 Things You Should Be Doing With Athletes

 70% of athletes are training and competing with decreased functional capacity of their body, and with improper form, making them more susceptible to preventable injuries.  11.6% of athletes will have a sports injury.  Female college athletes suffer from up to 5 times as many ACL – anterior cruciate […]

Athletes and Postural Correction: The Winning Combination

“You saved me doc, I don’t know what I would do with you!” says the receiver of the 4 time national champion football team to Dr. Wade. He understands the importance of postural correction to optimize his peak athletic performance. Proper postural design for athletes is no game; it is the winning edge.

The athletes who […]

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