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Habit Re-education

/Habit Re-education

Cervical and Head Posture Structural Restoration

“Practice makes perfect,” a phrase Marcus’s coaches had told him over and over throughout his football career. After suffering an injury to his cervical spine, what Marcus realized was that “Practice with proper posture makes perfect.”

Since flag football at 7 years old, it was always the “no pain, no gain mentality.” If you were hurt, […]

3 Must Do Strategies To Correct Text Neck

“Text neck? Not anymore! Not for my daughter!” claimed Mary Teresa as she celebrated the postural correction improvements of her daughter Alexandra’s second posture image. Mary Teresa was brought to tears twice in our office; tears of despair on her daughter’s first visit, and tears of joy on her report of findings.

You met Alexandra in […]

Complete Postural Correction of Forward Head Posture

Complete Postural Correction of Forward Head Posture
In “12 Weeks to Better Posture ™ is the best posture program, if everyone did it I would be out of a job”  states Giovanni, a medical doctor who sought postural correction treatment for neck pain, tension headaches and cervical radiculopathy. At just 36 years old Giovanni was worried […]

How To Create A Successful Postural Hygiene Program In Schools

You met Dr. Pavano, the Director of the School Board in the previous blog post “Better Posture for Brighter Futures™ is Better than Recess.” In this blog post it was revealed why Dr. Pavano recommends that Better Posture for Brighter Futures™ postural hygiene program be implemented into all Italian schools. He discussed the benefits of […]

Better Posture, Better Performance in the Classroom

“Better Posture for Brighter Futures™ is better than recess for school aged children!” stated Dr. Pavano, Director of the School Board in Emilia Romagna, Italy. Dr. Pavano was instrumental in implementing the American Posture Institute’s postural hygiene program Better Posture for Brighter Futures™ into schools throughout Italy. He saw tremendous benefit in implementing this revolutionary […]

Clinical Correction of Urinary Incontinence

In the blog From Urinary Incontinence to Posture Competence, you met Andreana, a 29-year old woman who had been suffering from urinary incontinence for the majority of her life. After completing a treatment plan of postural correction at the American Posture Institute, her urinary incontinence went away completely, dramatically improving the quality of her life.

In […]