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Posture Testimony

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Jaw Clenching Headaches Disappear

“During tax season I wake up every morning with a headache from clenching my teeth and jaw all night,” she sighs, “I know I clench at night, but I just can’t stop! I’ve tried everything!”

Rosa is an accountant of 10 years who has been dealing with dental issues and headaches forever. With the heightened stress […]

The Race To Health: How Proper Posture Boosts Energy

The Race to Health
How Proper Posture Boosts Energy
“Tell him!” Rosa says quite unsubtly as she elbows her husband Davide. “Well if you won’t tell them, the I will!” she claims. “Davide ran his first 10k race last weekend, and finished the whole thing!”

“Rosa, this is embarrassing, it’s not like it was marathon or anything,” […]

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From Urinary Incontinence to Posture Competence

“There is something I never told you,” states Andreana, a bright 29-year old patient who sought postural correction treatment for neck pain. “My entire life I suffered from urinary incontinence, and was constantly embarrassed to be in public” she continues with an ashamed look on her face. “I used to avoid all physical activities, and […]