With Advanced Chronic Pain Solutions you will FINALLY understand pain and have the clinical certainty to look your patients in the eyes and tell them you can help them get out of pain.

Module 1 The Impact of Chronic Pain
Unit 2 What is Chronic Pain?
Unit 3 Differentiation of Pain Types
Unit 4 The Pain Neuromatrix
Unit 5 The Correlation of Pain, Posture, and Depression
Unit 6 Pain in the Workplace
Module 2 The Neuroscience of Pain
Unit 1 Physiologic and Pathological Pain
Unit 2 Pain Mechanisms
Unit 3 Pain Neuroscience
Unit 4 Pain Modulation and the Endocrine System
Unit 5 Painful Conditions
Module 3 Pain Assessment and the Pain Flowchart
Unit 1 Pain Intensity Classification Scale
Unit 2 The Pain Flowchart and Case History
Unit 3 Pain Classifications and Physical Assessments
Module 4 Clinical Application of Advanced Chronic Pain Solutions
Unit 1 5 Step Chronic Pain Treatment Formula
Unit 2 Clinical Application of the Chronic Pain Treatment Formula
Unit 3 Treatment Modalities
Unit 4 Physiologic Pain Protocols
Unit 5 Pathologic Pain Protocols
Unit 6 Mental Health Component and Sensitization
Unit 7 Special Considerations of Chronic Pain
Unit 8 Advanced Chronic Pain Solutions Implementation
Unit 9 Chronic Pain Solutions Course Feedback