Neuro Respiration Rehabilitation: Analyze and correct neuro respiratory dysfunction

Module 1 Neuro Respiration Foundation
Unit 2 The Impact of Respiratory Disorders
Unit 3 The Posture Respiration Connection
Unit 4 Breathe for the Brain and Pain Modulation
Unit 5 Hourglass Syndrome and Hyperventilation Syndrome
Unit 6 Breathing in Extreme Conditions
Module 2 The Neurophysiology of Respiration
Unit 1 The Neurophysiology of Respiration Introduction
Unit 2 Respiration Anatomy
Unit 3 Respiration Physiology
Unit 4 Respiration Neurology
Unit 5 Classification of Abnormal Breathing Patterns
Unit 6 Respiration and the Posture System
Module 3 Complete Neuro Respiratory Assessment
Unit 1 Neuro Respiratory Assessment Introduction
Unit 2 Complete Neuro Respiratory Assessment Ask and Observe
Unit 3 Complete Neuro Respiratory Assessment Evaluations
Module 4 Neuro Respiration Rehabilitation Protocols
Unit 1 Neuro Respiration Rehabilitation Introduction
Unit 2 Neuro Respiration Rehabilitation Manipulation Maneuvers
Unit 3 Neuro Respiration Rehabilitation Movement
Unit 4 Neuro Respiration Rehabilitation Stimulation
Unit 5 Neuro Respiration Rehabilitation Protocol
Unit 6 Respiratory Habit Re-Education