“During tax season I wake up every morning with a headache from clenching my teeth and jaw all night,” she sighs, “I know I clench at night, but I just can’t stop! I’ve tried everything!”

Rosa is an accountant of 10 years who has been dealing with dental issues and headaches forever. With the heightened stress of tax season she says that her clenching is the worst and she wakes up every morning with a headache from clenching her teeth and jaw all night.

The restless sleeping patterns, headaches, and jaw pain affect her ability to concentrate during the day, heightening her stress levels even more to meet deadlines for her clients. When her dentist told her that her recurrent temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain and headaches were likely being caused due to her obvious bad posture, she was referred to the American Posture Institute for a complete posture analysis.

Rosa couldn’t afford another agonizing tax season. Taxes themselves are agonizing enough, who needs excruciating physical pain on top of that?

“Do you think this will really help me?” she asked, “I don’t have the time to dedicate to one more thing that won’t work. I’ve already been to every dentist in town!” Rosa said with a suspicious tone.

Rosa was blown away to discover the postural TMJ relationship. Rosa’s posture images demonstrated significant anterior translation of her head in relation to her shoulders. Her shoulders were raised, tensed, and rounded forward. And even though she was instructed to relax her body in the posture images, you could see tension in her neck musculature and jaw.

By looking at Rosa’s posture images you could physically see the pain in her face. The postural findings supported the fact that head and neck postural distortion patterns are directly related to jaw dysfunction and orofacial pain.

This is how Rosa was living, and it was really affecting here career and home life. As Rosa told me, “My family completely avoids me during tax season, it’s like they can’t stand me.” She needed to change her health to save her career and own personal happiness.

Although Rosa was skeptical, there was no denying the obvious postural distortion patterns on her posture image. She committed herself to resolving this issue. In addition to doing TMJ specific exercises, her care was primarily focused on head posture structural restoration.

After 12 weeks of postural correction Rosa demonstrated significant changes on her posture image including correction of forward head posture. Her jaw clenching headaches passed and she survived tax season with more energy than she has had in years.

Headaches with associated jaw clenching and TMJ dysfunction cannot be resolved without correcting the postural distortion patterns of the posture system. To learn more about the connection between head posture and TMJ disorder click “Proper Head Posture; Satisfied Patient Smiles.

Postural correction was transformational for Rosa, physically and mentally. Rosa now fully understands the importance of proactive postural correction and the positive affect it has on her career and home life.

“Posture is like taxes,” said Rosa, “If you ignore it, the severity painfully increases!”

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Written by:
Dr. Krista Burns DC, DrHA, CPE CPEP
Co-Founder The American Posture Institute
Doctor of Chiropractic
Doctor of Health Administration