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Corporate Posture Program

Corporations want to increase their bottom line, they recognize the importance of postural ergonomic programs in doing just that. By investing in the health of their employees corporate CEOs are investing in the longevity of the company.

Posture Workshops

Posture Workshops are the premiere way to predictably grow your practice each month! By implementing regular posture workshops into your clinic you are over delivering value to your current patients.

24 Research Studies Every Posture Expert Needs To Know

These Research Studies Will Increase Your Certainty and Knowledge On Posture and Give You The Ammunition You Need To Educate People Why Their Posture Is So Important To Their Wellbeing.

API's Official Guide To An Ergonomic Workspace

This E-Guide will provide you with the information necessary to design a posturally and ergonomically correct workspace for local business and corporations and help position you as an authority and ergonomic expert.  This guide can help open the doors to performing corporate talks and events.

8 Quick and Easy Steps To Implement Posture Correction Into Your Practice Tomorrow!

This 15 Page Report Will Show You How To Quickly and Easily Implement Posture Into Your Practice The Right Way!  Don’t Over Spend Or Over Complicate.  Choose From 8 Options, Implement 1 or All And Start Building A Posture Practice.

API's Official Ergonomic Info Graphic To Proper Ergonomic Workspace Design!

Use this Infographic to educate your patients on Proper Ergonomic Workspace Design.  Download, share on social media, email, or print.  Then help your patients improve their posture while at work.

How To Make An Extra $115,000 Per Year By Adding Posture Into Your Practice!

This E-Guide will provide you with the information necessary to easily earn an extra six figures this year by adding posture into your practice.  We cover EVERYTHING from setting up Posture Workshops, Corporate Posture Talks, Postural Programs For Schools, Posture Screen Referrals, Posture Kits and At Home Posture Programs!

The Spinal Push Test

The Wade Technique for Postural Analysis

How To Land Your First Sports Team!

This 23 Page Report Will Show You How To Quickly and Easily Become The Official Posture Expert of Any Sports Team You Desire!

Maximizing Your Content On Social Media

Cerbellar Tests For Posture Evaluation

Posture Cushions In The Hot Seats

Forward Head Posture

Creating Value Added Campaigns On Social Media

The Posture System

De Evolving At The Speed Of Technology

Is Your Posture Killing You

Functional Movements and Bio sustainability

Psoas: The Posture Muscle

Increase Your Results

Spinal Misalignment Complex

Complete Posture Correction (CPC)

Sitting Is Making You Sick

Certified Posture Expert

Posture Patient Communication

Posture Imaging

PDP Pathologic Effects

CPC Protocol

Grow Your Practice

Certified Posture Expert Program